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Vardsafe Company

Located in Shenzhen, China, we are committed to provide top quality backup camera systems at an affordable price.

Our Featured Products at Trade Show

Vardsafe feature products

Our featured products including third brake light cameras, digital wireless backup camera systems and wired rear view camera systems.

Our Factory

Vardsafe Factory

Our factory is ISO certified.

Who We Are

Brakelightcamera.com is operated by Vardsafe Technology Co.,Ltd. that specializes in production and sale of backup cameras, our products maintain good reputation from customers in United States, Canada and European countries. Located in Shenzhen, China, we are committed to provide top quality products at an affordable price.

What We Do

We are committed to provide top quality products,our featured products including third brake light cameras, backup camera systems. The products are widely used for cargo vans, truck, bus, RV, van, tractor trailer, commercial vehicle,ambulance, construction equipment, mining vehicle, farm vehicle, fire truck, fifth wheel, crane and some other heavy duty vehicle. We also offer OEM service, fleet service and dealer application.

How We Do It

We pay close attention to our customer opinions and we listen to what our customers want and need. The feedback we received help us to respond to changing needs of the consumer markets and our engineers can constantly design new products based on the market trends. We strive for 100% customer satisfaction in product and service.

We manufacture our own backup camera systems

Unlike other resellers that sell many different products, however, we have been specializing in backup camera systems for 8 years and well experienced and know every detail of our cameras, which makes us stand out to provide better price and better products.

We Offer OEM Rear View Backup Camera Solutions

We also offer OEM and customization solutions to our customers. If you need a custom/OEM backup camera system for a special vehicle, or for a fleet of vehicles, you can rely on our expertise and capability to get the job done efficiently, and to your satisfaction.

A custom camera design and production might at first sound expensive. But when you consider that the unique requirements of a customer are being completely met on a long-term basis, custom design becomes cost effective. By engaging our services, you get a system which is designed to fit and work precisely. You also eradicate thereby, the long term costs of an improperly-fitted or unsuitable backup camera system.

Our various customers have different needs, from simple modifications of existing camera systems, to complete redesigns. We can also design and create a new custom feature, depending on what you need. All these details are ironed-out during a consultation, and we are always open to new undertakings.

You can trust us on your OEM camera systems:

  • Our Own Factory.

We have our own mold design factory. This means that we will manufacture your OEM backup camera system ourselves. We do not outsource the job, we do it ourselves, and maintain a high quality standard thereby.

  • Modern CAD Integration.

Our engineers employ the latest CAD modeling system to turn your idea into a real product. The designs are created in accordance with your instructions, and if you wish, the production phase can be executed only on your consent and approval of the design.

  • Quick Turnaround.

We have a quick project completion time-frame of 1 to 2 months, and this depends on the complexity of your project. Simpler projects are of course completed faster than more complex ones.