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Drivers of big trucks like the Dodge Ram often find it difficult to backup without issues, or to change lanes on a busy road, or even to safely take a turn on certain roads. Now Your Dodge Ram can be replaced with a new tailgate handle already fitted with a backup camera. Using this OEM method, your new tailgate handle will look exactly like the original. You will get about the same video quality and other results as with the factory fitted system, But you will spend much less money at the same time. Our Dodge Ram backup camera is 100% waterproof and offers you great image quality, you can also choose a clip on mirror mount monitor or stand alone monitor from us your truck doesn’t have display option.The lens offers a 170 degree viewable angle, and delivers crystal clear video imagery via the supplied RCA cables. It fits 2009-2017 Dodge Ram 1500, 2500, 3500 models. Please feel free to contact us if you ahve any questions.