Double Lens Reverse Camera Review

double lens reverse camera

Every driver will tell you that reversing a car is not always easy especially if you have a long or wide car. In most instances, you always find that there is an overlooked part that you cannot account for whenever you are on the steering wheels.

Autonomously, its referred to as the blind spot. However, this should not be a worry anymore as with the advancement in technology we have cameras that can help you view your rear. Camera talk may take you off guard especially if you don’t have any in your mind. Relax, we will be taking you through the best camera for your vehicle.

To begin with, we would advise you go for double lens backup camera. This is a high-quality reverse camera that tables high definition graphics that give you a crystal clear view of your rear. This camera features two pieces of separate cameras that provide a full rear view of your vehicle. The beauty of it is that unlike other cameras it supports back view in that you can view the back situation of your car while driving. It also supports rear view; this implies that you can monitor the ground situation as well as the vehicle back once you engage the reverse gear.


With the double lens reverse camera, expect nothing short of sharp color CCD sensor with lenses with focal length of 2.5mm to 8.0 mm. When it comes to viewing angle, you can get crystal clear views at 90 to 120 degrees. Its TV system is an NTSC/PAL with resolutions that approximate 600 TV lines. Most effective pixels can be attained at 512 X 492 or 512 X 582 pixels. The sensing area is well calibrated at 3.6mm X 2.7 mm.

Its minimum illumination comes at 0 Lux/F1.2 with IR which is exemplary good. Its has an auto white balance which implies you will get the graphics at the right contrast. Each camera features a 15 IR LD light with night visions of up to 15 meters.

You don’t need to get worried about the night vision, as it features a self-sensitization control mechanism whereby your can control the night visions functions using a light sensor. In terms of voltage, the double lens backup camera does well at any range between 12 to 24 VDC. Its made of alloy shell that’s waterproof.

In terms of color, the double lens reverse camera comes in either white or black which is, of course, a good thing as most cameras come in one color option. As if that’s not enough, this camera comes with a 4 Pin socket option with an optional RCA connector attached. Something else that is usually overlooked is language. This reverse gives you an option to choose from varying language displays which means you will have easy time communicating with the gadget.


Like you can see, the double lens reverse camera is one of the best reverse cameras we have out there in the market. If you are looking for a good reverse camera, go for one, you will get nothing short of a product that gives you real value for your money.

Michael Chen