Factors to Consider Before Buying Backup Camera

Mounting type.

There are several ways to mount a backup camera onto a vehicle and it all depends on with your choice. Remote Mount- these have the most installation options.

They have a bullet style which implies that you need to drill a hole in your vehicle, so you need to take care.

Despite being a bit more complicated to install, they offer an excellent and stealthy install.

Some of the remote cameras have a paintable surface which means you can paint them to suit your factory color.

Top of License Plate – This is one of the most popular camera styles that does as it sounds.

The reason behind its wide popularity is because it’s easy to install and relatively discreet.

Now the best mount option is third brake light replacement camera ,which no need to drill holes and look a factory-like install.

3rd brake light camer for Ford Transit
3rd brake light backup camer for Ford Transit

The fact that it’s inexpensive makes it even better.Snap-In-Mount- this is where you drill a small hole onto your vehicle. Here you need to attach your snap-in-camera into the place.

Night Vision.

If you need a backup camera that can be used even at nighttime, you need a backup camera that uses Infrared LED’s or LED lights.

For instance, the LED lights might be able to see small obstructions behind your car such as nails but cannot see far as infrared lights.

When buying, you ought to look at the illumination rating of the product to determine how sensitive the lens is to light.

Note that the lower the illumination rating, the higher the sensitivity of the lens.

Built-in Microphone and Audio equipmen.

A built-in Microphone and an audio system may be useful when you need to know what’s going on outside.

It is easier to hear an ambulance or a cop’s car coming from behind even if you have kids or loud music inside the car.

If you have an in-car DVR system, you can combine with this feature to come up with a video surveillance system inside the car.

Therefore having this feature is beneficial for surveillance.

Parking Lines.

Most backup cameras will provide onscreen guidelines that will help you take precarious positions.

With this feature, you can get a rough idea of how far you are from whatever is behind you.

Larger vehicles need this feature because it can be harder to judge the distance to an object.

If you want to move out of parking lines, you need to pay attention to the details of the camera.

They appear on the monitor to help the driver determine the depth with green, yellow and red colors to show proximity zones.

Reverse Image.

This feature enables you to view an image in the same way as if you were looking via your rearview mirror. In short, what is on the left side of the rear will be displayed on the left side of the monitor and so on.

You also need a non-reverse image camera for the forward facing camera as it keeps the images in their standard form.

You can also choose the adjustable cameras that can be used either on the front or rear of the vehicle.


If you drive in inclement weather, you can invest on waterproof backup cameras.It’s however, important to note that waterproof backup cameras should not be submerged in water for a long time.

You can install the camera inside the car or invest on additional sealing for the cables. Additionally, ensure that the wire coming from the camera faces up and not down.


You have to be on the front line to stop backup accidents on children and pets. Stats have shown that children are the most affected when it comes to blind spots. Therefore, installing backup cameras can be a wise thing to do to stop the deaths.

Michael Chen