7 Inch Reversing Camera System

7 inch reversing camera system

If you are looking for an ideal reversing camera system, then, the 7 inch reversing camera system is what you should be looking for. In this article, we will take you through and make you understand why you need this awesome product.


To begin with, the 7 inch reversing camera system features a 10 to 20 meters cable option with a 7” color monitor that compliments CCD reversing camera. Matched with 4PIN connectors and a CCD reversing camera, this system sees to it that you can view your rear on a 7” display. The good thing is that the package bears in mind that cars are not of the same length and for this reason they feature the 10m to 20m length cable.


In terms of prices, the 7 inch reversing camera system is unmatched. It’s actually a low cost system which implies that you only need to part with a few bucks that will give you real value for your money. The TFT monitor featured in this package is of superior quality. It’s complemented with a removable headrest frame which comes in handy to those people who want to inset the monitor in the dashboard. The cameras use a sharp CCD sensor which sees to it that you get superior quality vision thus giving you real value of your money.


In terms of power consumption, 7 inch reversing camera system will not disappoint you as it only requires 12 volts to run. Beating the odds, its camera is able to power off the reverse light and to turn in on automatically whenever the reverse gear is selected. As if that’s not enough, it also features a power extension cable whereby you can power the camera from the front and use it on the system.


7 inch reversing camera system monitor housing is made of high quality materials that can withstand the pressure from all weather roads. In addition to that, it features two 4PIN connectors and wiring looms that are well placed within the headrest. The beauty of it is that you can actually connect one of two cameras. For one camera connection, the AV1 channel is the best option. AV2 lets you connect to the camera while on reverse mode.


7 inch reversing camera system monitor is easy to install, you actually need to follow the simple instructions in the manual to get it ready. Its waterproof, you thus need not worry about the rain or car wash water. This camera helps you get rid of the blind spot. Its high quality sensors and cameras are also equipped with infrared systems that enhance night vision.

The Bottom Line

If you have problems while reversing, then, ensure you go for the 7 inch reversing camera system. You will feel safer doing your reverses as you will get that extra eye that sees to it that you don’t hit objects or even children from behind. If you love safety, ensure that you car is fitted with the 7 inch reversing camera system monitor. You will undoubtedly get real value for your money.

Michael Chen