Dodge Ram Promaster Backup Camera Review

Dodge Ram Promaster backup camera

The Dodge Ram Promaster backup camera noted for being one of the best cameras in the market today for multiple reasons. It is advisable to know all the information available so today we will discuss the major features that will show how this is the camera that you will want to have installed in your Dodge Promaster. This is a OEM fit which makes another reason that customers prefer this backup camera.

Stats on the Dodge Ram Promaster Backup Camera

Initially the camera replace the third brake light, giving it a factory like install.

This is one of the best fits for a camera of this type. Provides the user with 600 TV lines and a 170 degrees viewing angle.

The customer can be sure that they will get a high quality image including an ultra-wide viewing angle.

This will give off an excellent view from behind your vehicle. No need to worry about parts as everything is included such as the mounts and cabling.

Customer Advantages

Customers will find installation is very easy to do with everything provided.

The Dodge Ram Promaster backup Camera is a vital part of the vehicle and the manufacturer is very much aware of this.

That is why they provide you with a warranty so you know that it is covered as a manufactured product.

The safety of the customer is always considered so having a great camera for backup is a vital part of owning a Dodge.

The safety-solutions that are included in the camera makes it one of the most requested cameras.

Since the camera is an OEM fit set by the manufacturer the customer does not need to worry about how well it works.

Camera Advantages

The Dodge Promaster Backup Camera gives the customer a wider view.

The average cameras only provide about 120 degrees range while this camera gives you a 170 degrees view making it much easier to backup.

The camera is integrated into the third brake light housing so installation is made much easier.

It is one of the most important parts of your vehicle. We all want to have the best view when backing up as this is when the most accidents happen.

You are assured that with the Promaster Backup Camera you will have the widest view giving you an edge over other vehicles.

In Conclusion

Those who want to know that they have the best view in their Dodge want a Dodge Promaster rear view Camera installed.

The OEM fit gives the customer the feeling that they are able to install theirs with ease. All the parts are included including the cables and a full warranty is part of the program.

The customer has a 170 degrees viewing range which is larger than other backup cameras.

There is 600 TV lines giving you the opportunity to see on both sides as well as straight back.

Safety is one of the most important things that a customer wants when driving a bigger vehicle.

That is why this camera is so impressive because it provides all the safety features any customers would ever need.

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