Best Wireless Backup Camera System Review

The wireless backup camera system is basically a backup camera which transmits its signals wirelessly, plus a video monitor, which receives wireless video signals, and displays it.

Such a system is perfect for RVs, 5th wheels, boats, trucks, minivans and SUVs.

One major advantage of using a wireless backup camera system, is that it can be very easily and quickly installed, without any need for installing wires.
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A Few Technical Details about the System.

Previous systems needed an extra video transmitter attached to the camera, or a special receiver attached to the monitor.

But this system integrates both a video transmitter in the camera, and a video receiver in the monitor.

The monitor is a high definition LCD monitor and thus delivers very clear images.

You can also choose to connect the camera’s power wires to the reverse light in your camper, 5th wheel, truck or other vehicles.

This will enable the camera to automatically switch on when you change into reverse gear.

The alternative method is to use batteries or any other power source, to transmit constant video signals, and not just during backup.

Features of the Wireless Backup Camera System.

Following are the features that make this system the best wireless backup camera system in the market.

It’s these individual combinations put together, that make it the unique product that it is.
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Here are the features:

– Colored Images

This wireless backup camera system captures and delivers images in full color.

While older systems could only deliver black and white images with some effort, this system effortlessly delivers high quality color images captured by the camera’s CMOS lens, and correctly reproduced by the LCD monitor.

– 70ft. Transmission Range

Simply having an inbuilt video transmitter is not enough, because all transmitters are not made equal.

Some are better or more powerful, like the transmitter in this system’s camera, which can beam its signals up to a distance of 70ft.

This guarantees good reception by receivers in all kinds of vehicles, including boats that are over 60ft.
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– Night Vision Capability

An additional feature is the military grade night vision capability offered by the system.

The camera includes infrared LEDs, which can illuminate the night with rays that are invisible to the human eye, but which the CMOS camera can pick up from distances up to 60 ft. (18 meters) away.

This enables you to drive and backup safely at all times of the day, including in pitch-black darkness.

– 100% Weatherproof Camera

The monitor is meant to be inside and thus protected from the elements, but the wireless camera is on the outside, and thus exposed to the elements of nature.

For this reason, the camera is housed in a rugged, die-cast aluminum housing, and even includes a sun shield also made from metal.

It can withstand rain, sun and direct hits from rocks.

It can also work in the most diverse of temperatures, ranging between -40 Celsius up to 133 Celsius.

– High Definition CMOS Camera

CMOS camera lenses may not be as popular as CCD chips but they offer many advantages.

CMOS is cheaper to manufacture, it is smaller and above all else, it uses less energy.

This makes CMOS camera sensors the better choice for cameras that run on batteries.

The camera delivers a total of 786,432 (1024 x 768) pixels of clear imagery, which is more than enough for the dash mounted 3.5 inch monitor.

– High Definition 5 Inches LCD Monitor

The LCD monitor is 5 inch sized, and offers a resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels, the exact amount of image pixels produced by the camera, and almost equal to the 720p HD standard of 1280 x 720 pixels.

It comes with a mounting solution that allows it to either be mounted on the dashboard, or to be hanged from either the roof or the windshield.

This added flexibility makes this wireless backup camera system even more valuable, because it can be installed in a wider range of vehicles.

– A Versatile Monitor

The monitor offers a total of four video inputs, and this opens up many new possibilities for you as a user.

It means that you are not only limited to viewing a single wireless backup camera’s signals, but you can also connect a second or third camera, as well as a DVD player, or even connect a video-game console, the choice is yours.

The monitor features four buttons labeled 1 through 4, and with a press on each button, you can easily switch to any of the four video channels.

– Wide Viewing Angle

The camera features a 120 degrees viewing angle, which is quite acceptable.

Having such a large viewing angle means that it can capture more areas of a scene in a near-field scenario, that is, without having to step back in order to take in more of the scenery.

This wide viewing angle is of course, an addition to the safety feature of the backup camera system.
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– Flexible Camera Mount

Being a wireless system, the camera can practically be mounted without any limitations.

It comes with all the parts necessary for its installation, as well as the ability of a 180 degrees vertical adjustment.

Pros of The Wireless Backup Camera System.

– Ease of Install
Given its wireless nature, the camera is much easier to install than wired systems.

The monitor can also be easily installed anywhere near the driver, and it even comes with an adapter that uses the cigarette lighter as a power source.

– 70ft. Wireless Range
Being able to transmit the video signals for such a long range, is a big plus.

– Integrated Wireless Modules
Both the camera and the monitor feature integrated wireless modules for the transmission and receival of the video data.

This is a plus, as opposed to other systems where the wireless modules can be separate devices.

Cons of The Wireless Backup Camera System

– Signal Interferences
All wireless signals are prone to interference. Most digital systems transmit in the 2.4 Ghz frequency band, which is used by many devices, and which often leads to signal interferences.

Our system transmits a high powered analog video, which although may still suffer from occasional interferences, provides an overall better video quality than digital systems.

Box Contents

1. User’s Manual.
2. Wireless HD Camera.
3. 5 inch LCD Monitor with wireless receiver.
4. Mount for Dashboard or Windshield.
5. Cigarette Lighter Adapter.
6. All necessary cables are also included.


If you are searching for the best wireless backup camera system, then you’ve found it.

The perfect match of a rugged and weatherproof camera, combined with a top-notch, 4 channel LCD video monitor.

The camera and the monitor are both technically compatible, and can easily be installed without problems.

Both also feature integrated wireless modules, making this backup camera system, a practical and functional system at its best.
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